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Board of Directors

  • David Scoons, President of the Board, Director

  • Bruce Ushkow, MD, Vice-President of the Board, Director

  • Greg Levow, Secretary of the Board, Director

  • Adam Hornick, Director

  • Linda Schacht, Director

  • Donna Silvernail, PA-C, Director

  • Debbie Erickson, Treasurer (non-voting)

  • Al McNamara, Assistant Treasurer (non-voting)

  • Steven Kroll, EMT, Executive Director (non-voting)

Medical Directors

  • Dr. Bruce Ushkow, MD, Co-Medical Director

  • Dr. Luke Duncan, MD, Co-Medical Director

  • Dr. David Afienko, DO, Associate Medical Director

  • Dr. Michael Dailey, MD, Associate Medical Director

  • Dr. Donald Doynow, MD, Associate Medical Director


  • James Kerr, Administrator, HIPAA Compliance Officer

  • Ron Stockman, Administrator’s Assistant

  • Deana O'Hare, Confidential Secretary & Administrator's Assistant

Support Personnel

  • Rev. Mark Mueller, Chaplain

  • Erin Sinisgalli, CPR Instructor/Coordinator

In Memoriam

Directors and Staff

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